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Synthetic Teak Decking

  • Synthetic Teak Decking
  • Synthetic Teak Decking
  • Synthetic Teak Decking
  • Synthetic Teak Decking

Synthetic Teak Decking

Aplications of Synthetic Teak Decking

You've probably thought about the ways that synthetic teak decking would enhance the look of your boat, but you may be surprised at the many different applications that our decking offers. We can outfit any area, from the swimming platform to the flying bridge. In fact, synthetic teak deckin is so adaptable that we can custom fit just about any part of your boat no matter how complicated the shape.

SEVEN TRUST Synthetic Teak Decking - a teak-effect boat decking, enhancing beauty and significantly reducing the maintenance cost. In addition to be used near seaside, the decking is ideal option for all areas around swimming pools, hot tubs, patios and terraces. Synthetic Teak Decking products are used around the world, and have an enviable reputation for excellent quality.

Seven Trust synthetic teak boat decking

SEVEN TRUST boat decking is a patented synthetic teak boat decking option that provides the elegant look of a teak deck without any of the time-consuming and costly maintenance associated with natural wood teak. Made out of flexible PVC, this material is easy to work with and maintain. It’s the perfect option to upgrade your boat and replace the dingy old carpet. SEVEN TRUST boat decking will hold up to the sun and marine environment for years while you enjoy more of your free time.

SEVEN TRUST boat decking is specially formulated with ingredients that will prevent the material from drying out or cracking over time. It also has the highest possible UV protection to prevent fading, antifungal inhibitors, superior adhesion… and SEVEN TRUST boat decking is proud to say that we provide products to more than 100 countries ! With differrent colors to choose from, SEVEN TRUST boat decking is the most customizable boat decking option on the market. We will provide the best price and service to you. Please don't hesitate to contact us !


a.Environmental friendly, recyclable.
b.Natural wood appearance without timber problems.
c. Low maintenance cost, easy installation.
d. Safe for bare feet. No cracking, warping and splitting.
e. Dimension stability against moisture and temperature.
f. Anti-UV and color stability.
g. Preventing termites, insects and moldy-proof. h. Good performance of waterproofing and fireproofing, low endothermic nature.
i. Lightweight, crack resistance with reasonable structure.
j. Superior ability of anti-aging, water resistance and fading resistance.


Ask:Is Synthetic Teak Decking hot?
Answer: Like a natural teak deck, or anything dark-colored, our synthetic teak decking will get warm in the sun. you can be hosed off with water to keep it cool, just like you would with a teak deck, but our decking won't become slippery when wet. Deck shoes might also be a good idea on a hot summer day.

Ask:What is Synthetic Teak Deckingmade of?
Answer: Seven Trust Synthetic Teak Decking is made of specially formulated flexible PVC. This durable material contains non-migrating plasticizers, the highest UV protection, and anti-fungal agents to ensure that will look great for a very long time.

Ask: How resilient is Synthetic Teak PVC decking?
Answer: It will not dent from a blow to the deck by a heavy object such as an air tank or heavy tool. Heavy foot traffic is not a problem. It is currently on many passenger vessels with everyday heavy traffic with great success.

Ask: What kind of surface can synthetic teak be applied over?
Answer: The adhesive will bond to wood, fiberglass, steel, and aluminum. It will also bond to epoxies or fillers used to level or repair the sub-surface, if needed.

Ask: How much UV protection does it have?
Answer: It contains highest UV protection available. Rated as Automotive Grade, it is mixed through the material.

Ask: Does the caulking come in different colours?
Answer: Our deck caulking comes in either white or black.

Tools recommended by Seven Trust boat decking

  • Pencil
  • Razor knife,
  • Cork block + 60 grit sand paper,
  • Power sander with 60 – 80 grit,
  • Masking tape,
  • Rolling pin/Crane 333 roller,
  • Sausage gun,
  • 2mm V tooth comb,
  • Alcohol solvent,
  • Water/sand bags
  • Flat weights
  • MDF/plywood boards

Important notice

This suggested information has been given in good faith based on practical .


Begin by laying Seven Trust boat deck out flat in a warm, shaded area for at least two hours. This will allow the Seven Trust Boat deck to reduce internal tension and flatten out.

Careful surface preparation is essential to achieve a long lasting and low maintenance deck. Seven Trust boat decking is a flexible material that will contour to the surface it’s adhered to, an unfair surface will be reflected in the Seven Trust boat decking and may result in air pockets and may cause an air bubble at a later stage. Imperfections in the surface such as weld seams, hollows, bumps, etc must be filled with appropriate filler and faired to ensure a smooth, fair surface. Using a power sander with 60-80 grit, sand entire surface to flatten non-skid and remove excess filler, old paint etc (fig.1).

Fig. 1

For application onto steel decks, we recommend the deck to be first prepared and primed with a good quality epoxy primer and bare timber decks must be either treated with a sealer such as Everdure or sealed with FRP.

Remove all fittings, table fastening, etc, if possible.

Wipe the areas to be covered with an alcohol based solvent. Make sure the surface is fair, clean, dry and free from grease and dust.

Once the deck has flattened out, do a “dry” run on your vessel. If necessary minorFig.4 adjustments can be made with a razor knife, a block plane or 60 grit sandpaper. When you are satisfied with the position and fit of the deck, trace the perimeter with a pencil and mask around entire deck to assist locating and clean-up (fig.2). When masking radius corners, the easiest method is to tape them over first and then cut the radius with a razor knife (fig.3). In case of multiple decks make sure planks are aligned.

Fig. 2

Fig. 3

Again, remove deck and lay flat in a shaded area

2.Laying down your deck.

Ideal working temperature is between 15º and 25ºC. The best time to perform installation is in the morning or late afternoon and under cover. Excessive heat causes the glue to dry quickly, not giving you time to position panels correctly.

Read the Fixtech adhesive/glue technical and safety data sheets and be aware of the products open time, skin time and type of curing. If a moisture cure product is being used on fibreglass, steel or alloy surface there will be no moisture content in these materials. For these applications we recommend leaving the adhesive open for approximately 10 to 15 minutes to start the curing process.

Using a cartridge/sausage gun or simply cutting the end off the sausage, squeeze out the adhesive. Apply adhesive in 1m² areas and spread evenly with a 2mm  triangular shaped comb (fig.4). Comb adhesive lines in the direction of the planks. One 600g sausage will cover approximately 1m2; this is an excellent guide to ensure that you are using the correct amount of glue.

Fig 4

Lay the Seven Trust boat decking onto the adhesive in a rolling motion (fig.5) ensuring air is expelled as you go. Using a rolling pin, (or purchase a Crane 333 extension roller), roll along the planks expelling the air, this will remove air bubbles and ensure even and total contact (fig.6)

Fig. 5

Fig 6

(TIP1: If you get any glue on the surface of your deck, leave it there until it dries and sand off with 60# sandpaper).

(TIP2: Avoid kneeling on deck while the glue is wet; lay a board down to distribute your weight if you must.)

When the deck is positioned and glued, place flat plywood or MDF boards on top and weight it down evenly with sandbags or waterbags (fig.8), or other suitable objects.All edges, especially corners and curves should be taped down to ensure good adhesion (fig.7)

Fig. 7


Leave tape and weights on for a minimum of 24 hrs or as per the glue supplier/manufacturer recommended time. We recommend a longer curing time in cooler weather.

Remove excess adhesive by trimming around the edges with a razor knife or scrape off with a plastic scraper. Sand any glue from the surface of your Seven trust boat deck with 60 grit sandpaper.

Replace deck fittings and GO BOATING


To contact us please use the following form to submit your enquiry, We will contact you as soon as possible.


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